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Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners

Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners is proudly serving Arlington Heights, IL & surrounding areas since 1998!  

Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners

Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners has been proudly serving the Arlington Heights location since 1998. We provide expert steam carpet cleaners services as well as a complete array of commercial and residential floor cleaning services. We utilize the most up to date methods, consisting of modern cleaning and drying equipment to provide you with a clean, healthy, and enjoyable home or workplace.

Certainly nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better compares to the Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners Method, commonly referred to as hot water extraction. Major carpet manufacturers like Mohawk and Shaw Industries recommend this deep cleaning method. Our well trained and knowledgeable cleaning specialists will provide the best carpet cleaning services for your home or office.

We utilize the most innovative technology on the market, which allows us to rejuvenate your valuable carpets back to their original beauty. Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners team of professionals offers clients extraordinary carpet cleaning services, well customized to fulfill all their carpet cleaning and restoration needs. We aim to ensure 100% satisfaction by providing top quality and expert services.

Additional Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners Services

Maintaining your carpeting means more than just basic cleaning. When it involves tough issues such as pet odor, pet stains and staining removal, Techniclean Arlington Heights Carpet Cleaners offers extra services to help you clean and also maintain your carpeting and prolong its life.

Carpet Cleaning Advantages

Environmental researches show that indoor air quality can in fact be up to 100 times worse compared to outdoor air quality. Breathing polluted air can be particularly harmful to young children, seniors, and individuals with respiratory and allergy issues. When incorporated with routine vacuuming, expert steam cleaning can ensure that your house is free from air borne pollutants that could cause health issues for your family members.

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Techniclean can perform steam cleaning, emergency restoration and maintenance services for commercial and residential buildings in Arlington Heights, IL.  We can provide you with a written estimate in advance of performing any cleaning related service. No high pressure sales or hidden charges.

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I have used techniclean for my exterior and interior window cleaning as well as my carpet cleaning. They are very professional, on time, and give great service. I highly recommend them for both those services.Debora Bucholtz, Palatine, IL

A +  My carpets look terrific!  The crew was early and very friendly.  They moved everything that was movable, and placed my items on styrofoam to make sure the carpet had time to dry.  I wish I would've had my carpets cleaned much sooner, they look great!Michelle Medley, BUFFALO GROVE, IL 

They were fantastic. They alerted me to several paint stains on my rugs that were made by my contractors, and spent extra time, at no extra charge, to make sure that they removed them. They were punctual and polite, and I even received a handwritten thank you note from the owner. The rugs look great, and I would recommend them to anyone.Nicole Jacob, Winnetka, IL